Modern Calligraphy Classes

Interested in dabbling in the art of calligraphy? Our Intro to Modern Calligraphy workshop is for you!

This introductory class is perfect for beginners and covers type anatomy, grid structure, assembling your nib and pen holder, understanding ink flow and nib pressure, and how to create simple strokes to develop basic letterforms.

At the end of the class we’ll create a beautiful postcard that you can send to someone special (or keep all to yourself!).

What you get:
A 2 hour class guided by draw&explore’s Lyn Tran
x1 Pen Holder
x1 Gillot 303 Nib
x1 Pot of Ink
x1 Bleedproof Pad
x1 Eraser
x1 Pencil
x1 Take Home Notes

An Intro to Modern Calligraphy with draw&explore

There are currently upcoming Modern Calligraphy Classes.